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multicast receive byte limit?

Jan 24 2008 | 9:19 pm


A while ago, I changed the existing net.multi.recv code to suit the purposes of a networked medical system that uses max/msp at my university. It worked great, but now the system has grown and it is receiving much larger packets of information (around 8kb). Because of other system elements, it isn’t feasible to divide the packets up or anything like that. It seems that the MultiReceiver class which is used in net.multi.recv has an upper limit on packet size, probably around 1 kilobyte, because the packets are getting truncated. Does anyone know of an easy way around this? I went through the api and google, found nothing. If anyone could point me to a manual page or who has experience in a problem like this could help me out, it would be really helpful.

I’m also including my code–if anyone sees that I’m doing something stupid that could cause this problem, please let me know. It’s pretty similar to the original net.multi.recv code, though. I think the only changes I made are in the receiver method.


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