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newDefault, newObject and bpatchers

Jul 18 2009 | 4:13 pm

Hello !

I’m developping an abstract "environment" in max, and i wanted to create some bpatchers in java.
I’ve done it in javascript with :

var myBPat = this.patcher.newobject( "bpatcher", pos_X , pos_Y , size_W , size_H , offset_X , offset_Y , patch_name , 1);

and accessing its attributes with :

myBPat.varname = ...
myBPat.offset = ...
this.patcher.script("size", myBPat.varname , size_W , size_H);
this.patcher.script("move", myBPat.varname , pos_X , pos_Y);


Now i want to do it in java, and get rid of newObject, because newDefault seems to be the new version…

This is working, but just in max 5 :

MaxBox myBPat = getParentPatcher().newDefault(pos_X, pos_Y, "bpatcher", Atom.parse("@name patch_name @patching_rect "+pos_X+" "+pos_Y+" "+size_W+" "+size_H+" @offset "+offset_X+" "+offset_Y));

So my questions are the following :
– could it work in max 4 ?
– what is the standard definition of a bpatcher for newDefault (giving the attributes without giving the names, like "@name" for example).
– how could i then reach the different attributes i need to reach (size, position, offset) without emulating max script?

Thank you in advance !!!


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