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soundflower glitches…?

Jan 08 2014 | 6:14 am

Hi there,
here is my setup.

I’m using only mono separated channel to soundflower except for Master output.

I have maximum 16 channels.

Everything seems to work fine with 1024 samples of buffer size for Live, Soundflower, but … sometimes (rarely), it glitches a bit.
Even if my music is very glitchy, I want to fix it.

Any ideas for me ?


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Jan 09 2014 | 12:37 pm

As a sound designer, I have had a lot of problems of glitchy-ness with SoundFlower. It sacrifices the audio if the cpu gets overworked (especially if you have a lot of plugins running in Live). I have found the best results are achieved if you are using a external sound interface, like a Motu UltraLite, Digi Mbox, or Presonus Firebox. Using an interface saves you from having to process 16 channels of audio live on your cpu. The difference you will notice, though, is that when you assign an output on the interface it usually can’t be simultaneously an output in one program and an input in another the way SoundFlower can. In order to get the outputs back into the inputs, you might have to physically patch cables from outs to ins.

Hardware sound interfaces will usually be of much better output quality anyway, and they don’t suffer as much from noise generated by your computer.


Jan 09 2014 | 3:12 pm

I’m sure Julien is already using an external audio interface for his I/O. Though adding 16 I/O’s for ‘internal’ routing to the 2/4/8/16 that he might already be using is gonna make it a pretty huge interface.

Btw, doesn’t RME allow for internal bus routings without physical patching?

I have only one real project experience with soundflower and it was a bad one. Though I can’t say for sure that soundflower was the culprit. I’ve been digging in a heap of audio glitch weirdness on my system recently.

Jan 09 2014 | 3:35 pm

actually, all is software, currently.
as I wrote, I heard some glitches and very rarely. Some could say "so why are you bothering here?" but of course, I’d like to fix those possible glitches.

I’m not a fan of massive plugins, so these aren’t the culprit too.

Checking if more buffer size can help.. actually, didn’t test the max value..

Thanks for your answers, dudes :)

Jan 30 2014 | 11:06 am

still occurring… grrr.

tried JACK for OSX.. crashing.

any software alternative ?
I would buy a motu (1/2 prices of RME… but I could re-consider my choice considering what @dtr wrote)

Jan 30 2014 | 2:29 pm


JACK OSX works very fine.
Actually, we have to use it with the driver "ad_portaudio" for using JACK.

seems stable
no glitches
no crackling

is that THE solution …?

Jan 30 2014 | 3:02 pm

actually, just restarted Max for other purposes and now, it cannot connect to JACK server and crashes… a mess!

Jan 31 2014 | 1:56 am

Hi Julien,

The only crackling issue I thought I had with soundflower appeared to be due to the 32-bit memory limit in Max. When 32-bit Max approaches the 4GB total memory limit, the audio starts getting crackly. This was in the pre 64-bit era obviously.

It took us a very long time to figure that out btw, a simple message in the Max window stating that there was a problem with memory allocation when rebuilding the dsp chain would have saved us -a lot- of time and money :p

Hope (but don’t expect) that helps,

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