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Soundflower immediately quits

May 11 2014 | 8:28 am

Hi there, first of all im not shure if this thread should be here, so sorry for that :) if so. Im experiencing some sounflower issue on my mavericks. This app (1.6.6b) quits it self right after i launch it. That little flower icon shows and dissaper in a second. Would someone help me with this? cheers, daedalus

May 11 2014 | 1:06 pm

Hiya! (same daedalus from monome community?! if so, congrats on the sanjose show last night! i’m the same raja who plagues the monome forums same as here… but lemme see if i can help ya anyways, haha :D …if not the same daedalus, great username anyways, be careful of flying too close to the sun, though ;D)

i’m on mavericks myself, and 1.6.6b works fine for me, but i’m also on an older intelcore2duo machine.
you could post some more about your cpu specs, others might be able to pin it down further(you’re probably on i5 or i7?).
since soundflower isn’t officially supported anymore(beyond voluntary open-source communal development), it may be hard to find a solution right away, but in the meantime you could also take a look here, try the other solutions listed:

jackaudio is particularly good.
(if you’re willing to pay, ambrosia’s wiretap is also excellent… works really smooth and easy…)

Unfortunately, i don’t have any specific advice, but one thing you could try is go into system prefs and select ‘soundflower’ from the ‘inputs’/’outputs’ tabs… then you could try launching ‘soundflowerbed’ after that, something like this helped me troubleshoot a similar prob years ago(or it may be that i setup an aggregate device with mac’s audio/midi setup)… it may even be that the routing works, but the ‘soundflowerbed’ app doesn’t work(you might not need the flower appearing on the menubar if you can select soundflower directly from ins and outs both in system prefs and the apps you’re trying to route between…)….
sorry i don’t have more detailed advice, hope that helps get you somewhere(if not, the results of your findings(whether you see ‘soundflower’ in your audio system prefs or not and what CPUchipset you’re comp has…etc.) will also help others here pin your problem down further).

Best of luck.

May 12 2014 | 1:58 am

hey raja, thanks for reply. Think im different one daedalus, but anyway who cares. Im on i5 (imac27 mid 2011) right now if it helps. The thing is this app worked like charm for really long time for me aswell, but one day it stopped and thats it. Going to have a look on jackaudio, or will pay for wiretrap, doesnt matter. Once again thanks for advice, daedalus

May 13 2014 | 7:10 pm

I had the same issue and managed to fix it. Raja referred me to this thread. maybe this helps?

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