V-Module Java error

    Nov 02 2012 | 4:33 pm
    Hello users, I have been trying to get the V-module video processing suite to work for awhile now, but whenever I open a patch with java objects I get the bellow errors in my max window. I have little experience with Java and am a bit confused where to start. I have Java 6SE currently, and believe have all of the required objects in the correct max paths.
    Jitter initialized MXJ System CLASSPATH: /Applications/Max6/Cycling '74/java/lib/jitter.jar /Applications/Max6/Cycling '74/java/lib/jode-1.1.2-pre-embedded.jar /Applications/Max6/Cycling '74/java/lib/max.jar MXJClassloader CLASSPATH: /Applications/Max6/Cycling '74/java/classes/ Jitter Java support installed java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: camera_move : Unsupported major.minor version 51.0 at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass1(Native Method) at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClassCond(ClassLoader.java:632) at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass(ClassLoader.java:616) at com.cycling74.max.MXJClassLoaderImpl.doLoadClass(MXJClassLoaderImpl.java:119) at com.cycling74.max.MXJClassLoader.loadClazz(MXJClassLoader.java:88) Could not load class 'camera_move' hi: hi: focussing on Apple IR

    • Nov 02 2012 | 5:11 pm
      The UnsupportedClassVersionError means that the class files you're trying to load were compiled for a newer version of the JVM than the one you're running. Java 6 corresponds to class file version 50, so perhaps the code you're trying to load was compiled under Java 7?
    • Nov 02 2012 | 6:19 pm
      ...and since you are on Mac, you will need to go get the Oracle Java 7 : http://www.java.com/en/download/faq/java_mac.xml ...and I hope yhen all is well with MXJ ... I have not done this.
    • Nov 10 2012 | 4:49 am
    • Dec 30 2012 | 12:48 pm
      In fact this external (used for the 3D camera movements) has been compiled in Java 7.
      PS: in alternative to using the Java based version (devices V-GMove3DW-xxx), older patch-only style versions (no Java external involved) are still available in the Legacy sub-folders. The device names are the same, only with a "-o" in their name (old versions). Functionally identical, only a bit less CPU friendly.
      Cheers Fabrizio