«Körperfelder» an interactive audiovisual installation

«Körperfelder» (Body Fields) by Michel Winterberg invites the viewer into a playful interaction: The exploratory movements of his hands and arms causes a visual communication with its representation. It creates a connection between the virtual world and real movement in the form of a parody of the aesthetics of today’s computer games and its avatars.
The interactive installation may visually remind us of Tony Oursler, “Caricature” from 2002. However, «Körperfelder» calls for the viewer to actively be part of it.

«Körperfelder» was exhibited at the “Wildwuchs-Festival” in Basel, Switzerland from May 27 to June 5, 2011 and the “DailyBox” at July 16, 2011 .

Programming and sound by: Michel Winterberg
Videotexture by: Dominique Mischler, Lea Baltisberger, Anna Studer, Michel Winterberg
Thanks to: Sebastian Kox, Stephan Athanas


The Macintosh terminal application (instructed by Tryplex toolkit) sends the OSCeleton datas from the Kinect via OSC to the Max MSP 5 patch. There, the hit detection logic, the audio processing and the OpenGL drawing where calculated. The Arduino measures with an ultrasonic distance sensor if a participant stands in front.
(Today everything is much easier with Synapse than before where I had to install Xcode, Libtool, Macports, LibUSB, OpenNI, primesense NITE, avin2/sensorkinect, Sensebloom).

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