0800 Rhythm Machine

The 0800 Rhythm Machine is an eight-channel multi-voiced step-sequenced groove-shaping wood-panelled instrument. It is designed to be used as a standalone groove box, as a live instrument, or in conjunction with a DAW as an instrument or MIDI pattern generator.

88888 is Adam and Stephen; independent, boutique music software developers, determined to innovate, design and produce user-friendly, playful musical software flexible enough for use in the studio or live environment.

The 0800 is designed as a no-constraints tool: each channel combines multiple oscillators, the ability to load your own samples, and a flexible state-variable filter, putting the creation of any sound within reach.

The groove shaping section offers detailed control over the rhythms produced by adjusting the position of every note from small pushes and pulls to radical resequencing.

The 0800 can be controlled with a standard mouse or keyboard, and nearly every on-screen control can also be mapped via the MIDI learn function. It can also send and receive MIDI notes, and its audio output to a DAW using free software like Soundflower (OSX), or Jack (Windows).

The 0800 Rhythm Machine is out now and costs £7.


Coded entirely with Max 6

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