0xf8 Live Visual Performance

0xf8 (zero-ex-ef-eight) is the creative collaboration of Jennifer McClain and Clint M. Sand (@synnack), using Max for Live and Jitter.

Jennifer and Clint began their creative collaboration in early 2007, originally to create installation-like environments to accompany live performances for Sand’s audio work, which he releases under the name synnack. This early work focuses on exploring the boundary between abstract, evolving eye-candy and more traditional styles of film-like cinematography and narrative storytelling. Based on classical mythological themes combined with chance methodologies, custom footage is arranged and effected on the fly as the performance progresses. Recently, they have focused their collaborative work in the areas of video projection and multimedia installation, including programming Jitter patches to dynamically render visuals based on the audio of site-specific environments.


Two laptops are used in an 0xf8 performance. Audio is sent to a series of Max for Live devices where it gets interpreted as floating point numbers. All of these "receiver" devices use [send] [receive] to route their data to a single Max for Live device that leverages [udpsend] to stream the numbers to the second laptop, where a standalone Max patch uses the information to dynamically render visuals and manipulate video effects.

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