14circles is a max4live device pack that contains 4 devices:

“Circle” – is a very powerful granular/looper. Those who used radiaL can find Circle device very similar, but it gives more possibilities to tweak loop and control sample playback position. It has built-in sequencer and it has ability to record how the playback position changes. It has a mode that turn Circle into a kind of granular sampler and another mode that makes a drone sound from loaded sample.

“Cutter” – records input audio, cuts it into 8 slices and plays back according to the settings. User can control  pitch, volume and pan of each slice and how often the slice will play.

“Kontrol” – lets user record and playback movements of any faders or knobs. It is very practical during the live set.

“Clip Operator” – This device is based on a device from Max4Live lesson, but it has some improvements. It allows tweaking sample in simple and convenient way, and has pitch control and ability to move playback position on random place in the sample.



All patches were produced using Max/MSP.

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