“1983” is a new media installation about the impact of implicit memory on the way we react to various stimuli inside a territory. It is also a reflection on our own perception of time, its slowness and its overlapping.

Through pictures related to his childhood memories, the artist promotes the idea that our current perceptions are actually continuous and juxtaposed perceptions coming from past and present.

This installation, nearer to photography than video, is an image that slowly evolves over a 6-minute loop and the almost imperceptible movement questions the way we perceive time. Also, the image processing creates a impressionistic landscape that brings people to complete the image with their own memories. By using his own software specially created for this piece, the artist puts photography into moving pictures’ territory in an innovative way.

First shown at Mois Multi Festival in Quebec City, Canada in 2010, this works has been presented in several galleries in Montreal and other canadian cities since then.

The infinite loop is done with 300 photographs that are sequentially played back with Max. Once jit.qt.movie loads the photograph, it sends the image to jit.gl.slab with the tp.slide.jxs shader to create a video feedback. Adjusting the metro speed, as well as the slide up and slide down parameters allows the image to evolve over time so slowly, the public doesn't see any movement at first.

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Jun 28 2014 | 12:12 pm


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