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Akleriah “Salon Contemporary” art “performance art” London “Notting Hill”

Two erratic female characters frantically fumbled around on a floor cluttered with hundreds of keys in hope to find the one that proved their existence. The ladies recited carefully composed poetry in a hap-hazard manner, shouting back and forth, delving in and out of reality and subconscious. I was left feeling anxious yet captivated. Musician Nathan Harmer provided an essential backdrop of melody to the production. Clad head to toe in mirrors, he played an array of futuristic mixes and notes that the characters responded to. The repetition of text, sound and movement provided a hidden regularity and structure to the performance.


Go to: www.akleriah.com for more information and visit Nathan Harmer’s soundcloud for more music and art works.


The patch uses one microphone as its input for source material sat on the floor that any of the performers can pick up and use to produce sound with their voices, bodies and anything within the installation. The piece incorporates four samplers and four sound freezing modules (using a mixture of FFT analysis and jitter) that the operator can manipulate via sample looping, editing and shaping passed through several filter, reverb and bit-crushing modules.

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