31 Down’s HERE AT HOME

31 Down’s trademark hallucinatory audio visual landscapes fuel playwright Eric Bland’s contemplative, poetic characters in HERE AT HOME, a surreal interpretation of how wars abroad affect everyday lives in the homeland.

Starring DJ Mendel, Hollis Witherspoon, Eric Bland and Ryan Holsopple
Directed by Shannon Sindelar
Sound, Video and Show Control by Ryan Holsopple
Text by Eric Bland
Set by Andreea Mincic
Lights by Jon Luton

31 Down uses Max MSP to control the sound and lights for our multimedia performance work via MIDI, OSC and serial communication. We are sending 8 channels of sound out to a Presonus Firebox and 4 channels of live audio in.

The surround sound for this show is based on the Z abstractions by Zachary Seldess and a surround movement recorder written by Jane Shaw.

Timing and pacing is the most important aspect for our work to be consistent which is why we have been using MAX to control our shows since 2005.

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