All Is Domain

All Is Domain was a final undergraduate work I produced at COFA (UNSW) in 2010. The concept behind this piece is to allow the participant to explore a hidden history of their physical environment. Installed in the CarriageWorks foyer near Redfern in Sydney, there are several sound events which can be triggered by digging through the surface of the table, and being led by visual topographical cues. Once uncovered, a brief story of the rich history around the area is revealed.

How did this project use Max?

Max is the central 'brain' of the project. A Max patch receives proximity sensor input from Arduino to be aware of participants' arrival at the table and tracks their engagement with the surface through an infrared camera and via cv.jit objects' blob tracking. Top-down projections onto the surface are generated with OpenGL objects in Jitter and sound sample events are triggered in MSP. Internal LED lighting is also controlled from Max through DMX objects.

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