ALPHA is the codename of a series of audio-visual live performances planned for 2014.

It involves sounds, visuals and algorithmic sequencing providing a unique experience for the audience in which sounds and visuals are melting into a dense, coherent and minimal artwork matter.

From physical approach of the sound itself to the customized algorithmic sequencers controlled in real-time on stage, ALPHA a/v live performance explores sounds and visuals fields and how one is related to the other.

ALPHA is designed to be experienced in electronic music and digital arts festival.

1 hour

– 1 HD video projector + 1 screen (minimum 4 meters base)
– 1 stereo sound-system

Artistic Research
Bored by rigid sequencers and already-made sequences, Julien Bayle pushes the limit of electronic music live performance a step further by using his own software-sequencers on stage. These sequencers can be tweaked in real-time and offer a wide range of possibilities from sequences generation, alteration, modifications, morphing between parameters and more. Then, live performances can be unique and different each time they are played.

Visuals are also generated from the sound itself. It means that each live performance shows different set of visuals. However, a coherent and strongly radical artwork is shown each time, representing the Julien Bayle’s minimalism and offering a strong synaesthetic experience where the audience can feel constantly the relationship between sound and visuals. The visual system is designed with the idea of evolutivity in mind. The global framework can store presets that can be understood as styles. Julien can designed new styles of visuals from a performance to another and then, all along the series and gigs, it evolves.

Technical bits
ALPHA  is based on a Max/MSP custom data visualization system completely programmed by Julien Bayle. It makes a deep analysis of sound in real-time and is able to generate visuals reminding oscilloscopic displays. The system can be setup on many ways providing a deep freedom of expression on stage.

ALPHA’s sound generation is based on programmable software-sequencers designed by Julien Bayle and based on Reaktor and Max/MSP frameworks. The whole system is based on Ableton Live digital audio workstation.

Max is used for the sound analysis and all visuals generation.

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