Always There

Always There
Movement & Media Development by Megan Pitcher
Performance by Allison Anich, Angela Luem,
Caitlin Rafferty, Megan Pitcher, Kelly Skala
And Participating Viewers

Temporal Landscape, Site Specific Performance & Audience Activated Installation (2012)

There is an invisible boundary of social decorum that keeps us from crawling around the workplace or doing jumping jacks in a hotel lobby. But what happens to those curbed impulses? Where do they go if they are unrealized in this time and place? I assert that they are stored in the roads we traverse and the rooms we inhabit. Always There draws attention to floor and location. It layers the movements of could-have-been with the hesitations and actualizations of live viewers.

The sculpture features the enticement of bodies clumping onto the floor and escaping until a viewer chooses to interact. If someone pokes in and out of the general area without engaging, the projection shifts into a frantic rolling performance. If a viewer rests comfortably on the sculpture, they are joined by projected bodies resting. The video performers clear the stage if a viewer decides to perform an excited solo of their own!

How did this project use Max?

Max interprets data from a surveillance camera to determine levels of presence and motion. The video projections and accompanying audio are run through max based on that information.

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