aqueous run

Aqueous Run was the title of a choreography by Angélina Jandolo, which was presented as part of Resolution! 2011 at The Place in London.

The music for the choreography was created in collaboration with Chris Bartholomew and in its final form was a structured improvisation between Chris (Max/MSP) and Laonikos (classical guitar) responding largely on the moment-to-moment movements of the dancers, whereas the large-scale structure was based on the form of the choreography.

The electronics consisted of a Max/MSP patcher which was developed at rehearsals with Laonikos, Chris Bartholomew and the dancers, and in its final form became model5 which was later used for other performances.

Reviews from the performance can be found here.

The patcher used in the music for this collaboration was developed in Max/MSP, and consists of an interface with four effects to manipulate the sound of a classical guitar (originally - but can be, and has been, used with other instruments too).

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