This is an ongoing project in exploring possibilities in using the magic trackpad in live performance environments.

The trackpad is a wondrous device, which can simultaneously track up to 11 (!) fingers and gives detailed data for each one, such as position, velocity, finger elliptoid axes, angle etc. This offers an incredible opportunity for creating user interfaces which make use of all this data in ways to enable a more tactile manipulation of sound.

The efforts have so far culminated in the development of mtloo, a basic Max/MSP looper which is controlled entirely by the magic trackpad and allows the user to create an engaging soundscape at the touch of a hand, wirelessly, using intuitive gestures.

asaṭha is the first finished product of this exploration, which is a short improvisation with mtloo and electric guitar. It is Pali for “simplicity” – the uncomplicated, the direct.

The patcher used in this project was written in Max/MSP and it transforms the magic trackpad into an instrument for controlling the looper and enabling the performer to manipulate his/her sounds live.

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