attractor etc

Inspired by the possibilities of new technologies , audioartist Andrew Svibovich and writer Nikita Begoon created magical performance combined on genres such as: audio, video and prose.

attractor_etc speaks to the viewer on language of new media.

Text several times translated from one language to another using a simple electronic translator acquires new meanings and forms , and at the same time becomes illogical to some extent , making a deliberate error in the digital artifact. At the same time sound and image are reconstructed on the basis of verbal combinations – a program that converts text material developed in generative video by sound designer Ivan Osipenko.

As source signal to generate an image have been used synthesizer which is sounding in the manner of a marimba, so everything becoming a totaly controllable by fingers of the musician.

In the first place he shifted focus – producer of the text and music producer fade into the shadows. Instead quasilinear demonstration of “discovery” spectator invited into von Neumann “rediscovery” and as a result – the destruction of text matter in real time.

Max4live used to make all visual part which is working with MIDI.

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