Audiovisual Modular Synthesizer for AudioCubes: Synthor

Synthor is an audivisual modular synthesizer application for AudioCubes made in Max/Msp. To build the max/msp patch we’ve used the max/msp external for audiocubes.

Every cube represents a synth module is color coded:
-green cube = oscillator
-blue cube = sequencer
-purple cube= amplifier
-red cube = output or speaker cube

The sequencers (blue cubes) can modulate other cubes even when they are not directly next to each other. The L-shaped sticker on the top of every cube indicates the outputs of the cubes (2 outputs per cube). The sequencers have CV and gate outputs for controlling the pitch of an oscillator (green cube), and for triggering the amplifier module (purple cube). The sequencers can send their gate signals across 2 cubes, reaching the amplifier (purple cube) so it can open and close when the gate is high or low.

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Patch is made in max/msp + max/msp external created by Thomas Grill for AudioCubes

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