4 track autoharp with physical speed/resistance system

created by: Meng Qi (http://mengqimusic.com

prefix: /autoharp

8 chord slots, setting chord is easy with per note / per chord / all chords transpose buttons
4 tracks, each can select a different chord, note velocity, duration, resistance, midi output and channel
4 “strum” speeds in each direction (user configureable for full version max users)
preset management system that remembers everything from chords to track parameters

have a look at the video for better understanding.

thanks to member GreaterThanZero for his physical speed/resistance code “throw” 1)

for full version / demo version max users, you can edit the message objects in the subpatch “pushforce.maxpat” to get the desired acceleration amount for each button

It is programmed with max.

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