The interactive and audiovisual installation av@ar puts the relationship between people and their medial reflection in the center of the experience. In this closed circuit installation the control, dependencies, and aesthetic reference levels can be explored and controlled interactively and with the entire body. A catalogue of emotions serves as audiovisual communication material and leads to a reflection about the systematic use of feelings. The dance with the medial mirror opens a space of experience in the tense atmosphere between the non-digital and the digital ego – the own avatar.

Concept and realization: Manfred Borsch //www.mfred.net
Music: Johannes M. Arend //www.jmarend.de

MAX was used for all data-organization as well as for playing the HD videos. After the skeleton data, coming from a Kinect, is sorted in MAX, one of 65 full-HD videos will be played in near real-time with up to 50fps. A statistic based on the incoming data organizes the multilayered musical composition which is played in Ableton Live and triggered via MIDI-signals from MAX.

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