Banff CAVE

In 2010, I helped the Banff New Media Institute repurpose their CAVE so it may be a little easier to prototype simple VR projects. Using the Cosm objects as a base the Cave objects are (rather crude) abstractions to help create an environment for creating, testing, and launching multiscreen CAVEs.


The new cave is entirely constructed with Max including abstractions and custom Max externals (is900 object for the Intersense tracker).

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Oct 16 2013 | 2:18 am


The downloadfile, doesn´t work.
I also have tried to download the Arlab tools from its web page, but doesn´t work neither.
Is there any place to find it?

Thank you

Oct 25 2013 | 8:29 pm

Sorry, you’re right.

I’ve moved the files to and for now. I should point out that this project is 3 years old now and there are much better ways to do this now in Max 6 (the projects were built using Max 5). I’ve taken a breather from Max at the moment while it makes the transition to 64 bit (and I’m busy with a dozen other projects) but I’d intended to rewrite these libraries for VR and AR using the the max 6 objects which do a much better job at multi-camera 3D rendering, etc… Plus the cosm objects have one or two incompatibilities with 6 (nothing major I’m assured but I think something I was using is causing a crash).

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