BeatLines – step sequencer

BeatLines is a sample based step sequencer with a nice and easy interface which constists of eight independent beat lines. By default BeatLines has a variety of preset rhythms for the user to use as they are, change them as he wants or create new ones and save them.

Each beat line has controls for sample volume, panning, playback speed (tonal transposition) and a 3-band equalizer.The user can select to build each beat line’s pattern based on whole, halves, fourths, eighths, sixteenths and thirty-seconds beat durations, which can also be triplets either using the default audio samples or loading his/her own.

Overall controls include tempo, master volume and a stereo equalizer.

Finally, BeatLines can be “ReWired” into other DAW applications or ReWire hosts and synchronize to their tempo and beat-count.

All built in max ! all hail Max!

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