Blip Shaper, Creating Patterns and Shaping Sounds

Creating drum patterns with a monome and shaping the individual sounds that make up those patterns with a touchscreen visualization. In the process of doing this the system is also recording the audio to a buffer and it is possible to tweak the buffer with cut-up, granular and other effects. The audio engine is developed in Max For Live and the presentation layer utilizes Processing/Java.

The audio is developed entirely in Max/MSP and performed using Max for Live. Battery and Drumaxx are embedded in vst~ objects and the parameters are organized and controlled via Max. The audio is recorded into a Max buffer. The cut-up and DSP effects are developed entirely in Max using ~phasor and ~wave objects.

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Dec 20 2011 | 5:04 pm

Very cool project indeed!
The effort developing this whole thing deserves a big ton of respect.

I think it just needs a bit more of coupling the visual impression to audible effects… Maybe not control the sound of a single basedrum ( which is kind of a small, narrow defined audio-engineering-style of audio-interaction ), but rather manipulate whole fx-chains maybe…

Jan 14 2012 | 12:37 am


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