Blofeld Edit


– bi-directional control of every parameter of the Blofeld (which are many!)
– full sysex support in ableton live without an external router! – randomizer and initialisor per module
– patch mutator (allows for mutating current values by percentage)
– editor updates to hardware (including patch name!)
– choose midi in and out ports.
– set a new patch name from within the editor using your keyboard
– load and save patches from and to your harddrive from within the editor
– load a random patch from the blofeld (one of the 1024 patches)
– create a dirty patch name at the press of a button (3600 possible swearing combinations included!)
– free updates for life

Current version is 1.0
This editor was developed by Ruben ‘SynnyS’ Hulzebosch in collaboration with Patrick ‘DSP’ Gharapetian.

This editor was complete built in max msp and maxforlive.

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