Body Sound Suit

The Body Sound Suit is a bio-gesture capture and trigger system; it is inspired by the arduino drum project.

The suit captures human gestures/body movements and translates it into data; this captured data then triggers sound and graphics. The body of the dancer becomes a generator of sound and visual data; the dancer creates his/her own audio and visual environment simply by moving the body – by dancing.

This challenges the unilinear relationship between the dancer, the music and the visual environment, synchronizing control of all aesthetics into the body of the dancer and expanding the accepted relationship between the dancer and the music into a very intimate relationship between dancer, music, technology and graphics.


Max msp handles the software level connectivity and translate the raw sensor data in to MIDI and Osc structure data.
in my early version I use processing to handle the connection the setup and feature were limited, thanks to Max msp this project it's roboust.

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