Bow_o_Rama born from the desire to create a simple application of intuitive music, a small sound object that can stimulate the desire of the listener to discover acoustic particles; the audience is not a mere spectator, but an active part of the creative process.

The choice of my instrument, the viola da gamba, an emblem of the Baroque period and the instrument on which I decided to start a journey in searching new sounds and languages, is also related to the specific desire to give an acoustic sound texture to the audio.

Each sample presented in Bow_o_Rama is uncompressed, aiff to 44.100/24 bit, in order to ensure to the listener an audio CD quality, in contrast to the compression of common downloadable digital formats.

The application certainly is not perfect, I’m not a programmer but a musician, it’s the first app that I did using MAX 6 and is a first step towards the desire to offer a new way to enjoy music and contemporary art. Hope you will like it, and I’d love to know what you think about it (also bugs reports and suggestions)! :)


Here the link:

BOW_O_RAMA (Mac version)

This is my first app created with MAX6. It's entirely created with MAX.

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May 29 2013 | 9:42 am

Very nice. I like the unorthodox choice of instrument. I am sure people studying early music will be interested in Max when they have something to connect to.

May 29 2013 | 11:11 am

Thank you very much! :)

I’m sorry because I’m waiting my new website to be online for giving a stable link for the app, the link was expired and now I gave a new link. Hope in two days I will get my official website for that :)

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