Stefano Scarani and Julia Chiner

Biomechanics sybil, cyborg-priestess,
of this world and this time,
Casfandra, the oracle,
probe into the past, look at the future,
answer to our dilemmas.
Alchemic guide, human simulacrum, Casfandra is undoubtedly an artificial device, daughter of the electrical era, his thought is a flow chart that draws from a preexistent memory.
Despite, his oracles are listened, learned and revised, received as a truth.

Casfandra’s mind is based on Max/MSP.

Stefano Scarani and Julia Chiner | concept and realization

Julia Chiner | sculpture
Stefano Scarani | Max/MSP programming
Micaela Brignone | voice
Giuse Giarda | tailor
Tangatamanu | production
AGON acustica informatica musica | co-production

AGON Multiactive – Teatro Franco Parenti, Milano 2005
U.F.O.8 – Milano 2006
KunstZero – La scatola licquida, Jerago 2007
Teatro della Contraddizione Transiti – TdC Milano, 2007

How did this project use Max?

All software system in Casfandra is based on Max/MSP.

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