Cause Unfold Proceed

Limited Edition of 500. Double Vinyl. CD. Photo Edition. Postcard. Information Material.

This edition outlines five different electro-acoustic solo works based on identical compositional and performative doctrines.

The sound material originates from causal elements found within the site itself, computer hardware and software, and feedback. This amalgamated construct unfolds and proceeds musically due to the regulatory measures and interventions activated by the performer’s hand. Concrete material evolves and devolves into alternations between raw, abstract, and granular sound generations. […]

Schulze’s “Cause Unfold Proceed II” is a half-improvised, half-composed electronic abstraction that presents several intriguing points of access, despite an apparent difficulty. The piece, although very fragmentary and undergoing a perennial atmospheric shift, results well connected to a fundamental plan and gifted with a biotic synchronization of sorts, detectable down to the tiniest component. A façade of coarse coldness hiding millions of purulent micro-organisms, no time for excessive thoughts and analyses, good stuff indeed. Massimo Ricci, „Temporary Fault“ blog / „Touchingextremes“ blog

This sortie comes across like a machine trying to communicate with humans. We can’t understand it, but the effort the machine put into it was interesting and more than welcome. That machine probably has a rich life of its own when we’re not hanging around. Richard Grooms, „The Improviser“

„Cause Unfold Proceed II“ by the German electronics artist Phillip Schulze, sounds surprisingly natural in its development. Its whirs and glitches seem almost physically interdependent, and one can easily forget that these rhythms and textural washes are created by mere zeroes and ones. Clifford Allen, „Signal to Noise“

The music is entirely composed/performed with my Max5 instrument called "Digitale Pumpe."

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