CITYroom is an interactive cinema experiment. It is part of a series of work that I started in 2005 called SILENTcity ( According to the number of people around the projected image and  their movements, they will access a different vision of the city. The first video essay comes from the topic I’m researching, social interaction. By mixing an idea that is widely used when talking about media art – interaction – and the concept explored by the American sociologist Erving Goffman to characterise social interaction in our everyday life, my attempt is to focus on how we naturally behave collectively rather than how we should act because of technology.

The second video essay was inspired from the reading of Gaston Bachelard’s book “The poetic of space” where he describes “La chambre des villes”  : “[…] when, late at night, the hum of automobiles and trucks rumbling through the Place Maubert cause me to curse my city-dweller’s fate, I can recover my calm by living the metaphors of the ocean. We all know that the big city is a clamorous sea, and it has been said countless times that; in the heart of night in Paris, one hears the ceaseless murmur of flood and tide.” (Bachelard and Jolas 1969). This inspired me with the concept of sound intrusion and how we do represent sound when living in a architectural space separated from sonic objects.

Finally the images are in between these two concepts, navigating through the dissolve in time. When you start to interact with the piece, the dissolving image becomes a wave itself reminding us of our collective oceanic consciousness.

Max is connected to the sensors using the Interface-z sensor box, video are played depending on the number of people in the area and their movements.

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