CODA – Bachs Cello Suite in c-moll (Theater der Klänge)

“CODA – Bachs Cello Suite in c-moll” interprets in two parts with music, dance, light and interactive video the conversion possibilities of the baroque Bach’s suite in a contemporary interpretation.

In the first part the cello suite is interpreted in C minor by Johann Sebastian Bach live by the cellist Beate Wolff. The light (Tobias Rosenberger) structures the space and the illuminated dancers in such a way that it handles to a space educationally, on the other hand segmenting by illumination the dancer’s bodies.

In the second part the music by Bach is further electronically live composed by the composer Thomas Neuhaus, as well as the videospace and light space on the stage is augmented. This enables to both dancers Nina Hänel and Phaedra Pisimisi in a real-time choreographic composition to handle with the dance material exposed in the first part. This choreographic improvisation, compiled by Jacqueline Fischer in cooperation with the dancers modulates directly also the electronic music and the interactive video (Tobias Rosenberger) about movement dynamisms.

The artistic directing has J.U.Lensing

Electronic Music (Thomas Neuhaus) & Video (Tobias Rosenberger) completely done with Max.

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