Compositor Lite

Compositor Lite may be thought purely as a delay network made in its entirety in Gen. Low level code made new possibilities available, such as speeds up to 5 omega, multiplier values up to 4. The delay spreads in to different areas and as big brother Compositor v2 suggests the principle of separating chains in to waveshaping and waveguide algorithms Compositor Lite follows this principle. New permutations algorithm together with LFO made available patterns of several degrees of freedom. You do not need to be musician to operate Compositor Lite. Its purpose to get you acquainted with principle of exponentially quantizing FM spectrum domain and bringing it in one window or cycle. That is why you set speed not in bpm, conventionally speaking, but in angular velocity units. Think of it as a space station measurement and controlling device and go-ahead composite your patterns!

Key features:

  • Angular velocity (ω) setting unit
  • Permutations for function output
  • Fully reproduced algorithm from Compositor v 2
  • Low level code operates twice times faster
  • Multiplier (z) up to 4
  • Waveguide with normalization chains
  • Window functions
  • Interpolation of presets

Three values for you to remember before starting with your sounds:

ω – Angular velocity (think of it as bpm)

z – Multiplier, which expands and contracts the function

LFO – Based on beatings waveform to control multiplier (z) parameter

The whole algorithm was rewritten on Gen with parameters as standard Max objects.

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