<Crescendo is a multi-oscillator synth with a filtered white noise generator built specifically for the creation of Riser / Uplifter effects. These effects are common throughout all forms of dance music and are generally used in buildups and breakdowns to create a sense of anticipation or drama just before a drop.

Each time you hit Play, <Crescendo will play for a specified number of bars at a specified BPM. This sound will also be recorded into an audio buffer until you press Play again (whereupon the previous recording is overwritten). You can save what's in the audio buffer at any time by clicking the Write button and you can see a visual representation of what's in the audio buffer by checking the Waveform area of the screen.

There are three types of riser sounds to choose from: a standard rising tone (Riser), a pitch-modulated tone (Bloop) and white noise (Noise), each of which may be played individually or combined with the other sounds. There are various in-built effects to shape the sound and you can further enhance your sound by loading a VST effect onto the end of the effects chain.

This project was written entirely in Max 6.

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