CRONE: Polyphonic textural comb drone synth

CRONE is a comb-filter-based polyphonic drone synthesizer.  It uses pulse waves and noise to excite comb filters; stereo lowpass filters shape and pan the sound.

CRONE is great for pad sounds and can even do an acceptable clav, but it really excels at creating intricate rhythmic textures via pulse waves.  It’s great for making textures like “a cloud of mandolins” or “a roomful of tambours”.

There’s lots of interesting features, such as local vs. global LFOs and key-following, in there for people who are looking to learn more about building synths, and the code is pretty clean.

Full documentation is on the website.  The demo on this page uses no post-processing.



It's written entirely in Max 5 & Max for Live.

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