CrossClock 1.0

Simple Beat Flash to MIDI Clock Software to sync Cross DJ with other Software

Cross Clock (Windows)
Cross Clock (Mac OS X)

you need Cross DJ Version 2.4.0RC or newer!


  • Faster BPM Detection.
  • Pitch Fader movement retriggers the BPM Detection.
  • small bug fixes.

beta 2

  • 4 Deck BPM Detection from Cross DJs Beat Flash MIDI Events.
  • A brand new BPM detection with much better results.
  • The MIDI Clock auto follows the Master Deck from Cross DJ.
  • Sync the Master Deck automatic Sync Cross Clock.
  • You don’t have to Touch Cross Clock after Startup.

Missing stuff and Bugs

  • contact me if you find an error.

this project use max to read midi messages and generate a midi clock signal

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