Cutupsampler performs a cut-up of a sound file and maps the various cuts to keys on a MIDI keyboard or computer keyboard.

Cutupsampler is about embracing unpredictability as artistic inspiration; the software fractures your sound and you put the pieces together in new ways, performing them by hand.

Whereas most samplers are concerned with playing a particular sample at musical pitches on the keyboard, or playing discrete samples that are mapped individually to specific keys, Cutupsampler’s approach is to divide a single sound among multiple keys — fracturing the original sound, without any attempt to transpose the cuts to musical pitches.

If you register for a free Echo Nest API key, Cutupsampler will allow you to analyze your samples to cut them up on beats, bars, and “segments.”

Cutupsampler is provided free and open-source.  I am eager to know what you think of it, and would enjoy knowing if anyone finds it interesting or useful.  The current version is 1.1, which adds Echo Nest support and more computer keyboard mappings; please check my downloads page (where there is also a link to an RSS feed) for future updates. The source is available on GitHub.

This project was written entirely in Max/MSP.

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