CV Toolkit – Standalone Version

CV Toolkit is a software that uses different virtual modules to control, modulate and sequence your synthesizers via control voltage (CV). These virtual modules can work independently or can bet set to influence and modulate each other via the Routing Matrix.
With CV Toolkit 2, you can create anything from multi-channel rhythmic sequences to complete polyphonic patches.

In order you CV Toolkit with your synth, you’ll need a DC-coupled audio interface or an Expert Sleeper’s ES-3, ES-4, ES-40, ESX-4CV, and ESX-8CV modules*.

The new 2.0 version was to design to be both easy for beginners and extremely flexible for more advanced users. We want the users to feel comfortable while taking their first steps with the program but also have enough different tools to help to go further and deeper as they get more familiar with CV Toolkit.

Main Features

• Standalone application – doesn’t require any additional software.
• Virtual Slot System – Change the modules inside the slots and customize CV Toolkit to your own needs. Load any module to any slot!
• Layouts – Save different layouts to use in different situation such as live perfomance or studio tracking.
• 3 Voicing Modes – create anything from simple sequenced patches to more elaborate polyphonic patches (up to four voices).
• Internal CV Buses – Gate / Pitch
• Module Packs – Expand CV Toolkit by purchasing more modules.
• MIDI Clock – sync it to your favorite DAWs, drum machines, iOS apps and etc.
• Eight analog outputs – you can use up to eight analog outputs to send signals to your modular synthesizer.
• Compatible with the littleBits USB i/o module
• MIDI In / Out
• Works on both Mac and PC
• 64-bit application
• Clean and simple interface

CV Toolkit is a standalone application that was entirely created using Max/MSP and gen~

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