Digital Washboard v2.

v1. 2009
v2. 2011

Lyon, France.

The Digital Washboard is an interactive installation open for public experimentation.
This musical instrument that gives a visual feedback focuses on the proprioceptive scope of body gestures and its impact on the behavior of visitors in relation to their own image, in raising this question: what is the sensory and symbolic nature of your relationship to technology, when confronted with a synthetic image of yourself?

On a wide screen (2x2m) and a 3D image participants come face to face with their digital double. The Digital Washboard also plays with one of the great symbols of the world obsessed with the screen: that of the modern man sucked in by technology and faced with a choice of being a victim or an actor in the process.

A Derrick Giscloux installation, implementation by CreArtCom Studio, in partnership with Fing/Lift11, Marseile 2013, DesignTheFutureNow, Appart’SFR,, ,
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