drawn only once

the music of john supko performed by due east

In drawn only once, Due East (Erin Lesser, flutes / Greg Beyer, percussion) features two of John Supko’s multimedia projects, Littoral and This Window Makes Me Feel, presented in both CD and 5.1 surround-sound DVD formats. Littoral combines flutes, electronics, and an extensive array of percussion instruments with texts by contemporary Dutch writer Cees Nooteboom and 16th century English writer Richard Hakluyt.  Supko calls Littoral “music of shifting terrains, each with its distinct sense of time and color and space.” The piece is accompanied by an entrancing video by Kristine Marx, with rapidly changing geometric and architectural forms superimposed over transient oceanic landscapes. The second of Supko’s pieces, This Window Makes Me Feel, is based on New York poet Robert Fitterman’s beautiful poem of the same name, which makes use of completions of the poem’s title phrase based on hundreds of Google searches, chronicling a vast range of human experience. The work is scored for Due East plus mezzo-soprano (Hai-Ting Chinn), keyboards (David Broome), and electronics, and is accompanied on DVD by a video by Don Sheehy, which captures the hysteria of the congested cityscape that visually amplifies the pre-recorded poetic whispers (Trish McKenna) of Fitterman’s poem.


"Littoral" uses Max to activate stochastically-ordered/registrated pitch fields from which harmonic progressions & melodic material are generated for the live flute & percussion parts.

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