«ElectroNight» (“Nuit Electronique” in french) is an immersive setup : public will evolve into a fantastic sound and visual space, in 3 dimensions of listening and perception. An heart of night, a world inhabited by artificial nocturnal beings. A microcosm with its sensitive universe which attracts and transports you into an unexpected dimension on the edge of an artificial and real world, metaphore of a possible life or future, on the borders of microprocessors that populate our technologies. This work has been received in residency at Erasme Center/Living lab in january 2012.

How did this project use Max?

Made with MaxMSPJitter and cosm lib.
Natural Navigator is a custom computer vision software that uses a kinect - http://creartcom.free.fr/technologies/systemes/naturalnavigator/nn.html
(not yet translated, sorry)

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