ENTRE/ICI is a semi-generative audio video creation realized as an extra project inside a more long term pedagogical work with children working on a kind of photographical testimony about the transformations of their changing environment/neighborhood being renovated in the Quartier Croix Rouge, Reims, France. The music/sound heard here was produced using only some sounds accidentally produced by the children while filming their own pictures/photographs during the preparatory sessions.

The Max/Jitter (M4L) patch analyzes the movie, “bombing” the Jitter matrices with graphical representations of the words frequently used by the children to designate their past/lost and/or brand new neighborhood. The resulting values were used to control different parameters for granulation, transposition, placement in the stereo field etc.

video : Pei-Lin Cheng.

sound : Nicolas Canot.

photographs : children of elementary schools Billard and Hippodrome/ Ivan Polliart.

production: 23.03, association de promotion et de diffusion de l’art contemporain. http://2303.fr/


How did this project use Max?

The whole soundtrack was realized using Max/MSP/Jitter/Max for Live.

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