Feed My Speaker

Feed My Speaker is a composition completely based on feedback. It is written for 4 player, 4 microphones, 4 speakers and a computer.

Every player has a score in front of him where instructions tell when the player needs to place the microphone above the speaker.

The feedback that occurs is tuned by means of the computer (and MaxMSP) which is placed in the feedback loop. The first player can select presets which are indicated in the score and change the scales so harmonic content can be played.

Lunapark Ensemble asked me to write a compositon based on Pendulum Music by Steve Reich. Feed My Speaker is the result.

This composition is written for Lunapark and was funded by the Fonds PodiumKunsten in the Netherlands.

This performance was in de Toonzaal in Den Bosch on october 7th 2010

A score of this composition can be obtained via the composer:

All feedback is generated, manipulated and controlled via MaxMSP.

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