“Feld” – Music for Electronics and Computer

Feld by Greg Surges

Feld is a generative, real-time composition which combines computer-controlled homebrew synthesis hardware with custom software signal processing. New sounds and textures continually emerge from the dense, intricately layered stream.

Feld was conceived of as an open-ended sound experience: these three hour-long recordings are meant to be experienced creatively and interactively by the listener. They can be played simultaneously, reordered, heard in fragments, or in any other combination.

released 01 October 2012

How did this project use Max?

Signal processing and algorithmic real-time control of hardware synthesis modules. Hardware is controlled with the USB-Octomod (custom OSC -> control voltage hardware) and pucktronix.snake.corral (computer controlled analog routing matrix) and then processed with a dynamic, multichannel signal processing network.

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