The Max for Live plugin FIRE SCENE AT SET TIME is a simple timer plugin. It enables you to program specific times at which scenes in Ableton Live are triggered. This is especially useful when scenes at intervals of a few hours should start automatically. Below you will find an example that illustrates our approach in the context of a generative sound installation.

Example of use

For the LINDE Group, we developed and designed a few generative sound installations in the context of their Management Conference 2012 in Shanghai. Therefore, we have developed a generative system with the help of Ableton Live and Max for Live. It’s described as “generative” in that the system produces an ever-changing collage of sounds and music (you could also think of it in terms of modular components). Within a set of parameters, the computer composes ever-changing materials. We also used our timer plugin FIRE SCENE AT TIME SET, which triggers the corresponding scenes automatically depending on the time of day.

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