-FUSION- at Glow festival 2013


GLOW festival – Effenaar, Eindhoven – 09 Nov-16 Nov 2013

-FUSION- is an autonomous 3D visual application which generates musical and visual patterns. In turn, the visuals are reflected in a low resolution array of lights in a tunnel behind the 9m x 7m installation. Different sounds influence the visual software and the lights, creating millions of possible responses in real time. The great thing about this software is that it can be used on virtually any installation.

Max MSP/Jitter was used to create the visual software, Ableton Live and Max for Live was used to generate the musical arrangements in real time. The resulting soundscapes are transformed into data which directly influenced the visuals and lights.

Madmapper was used to map the individual surfaces of the installation and control the lighting array.

To our surprise, when shown at GLOW festival Eindhoven, people were immediately drawn to it. They started dancing around the shapes and colors and created crazy shadows. It was great to see this happen and it has inspired us to start developing interactive installations, incorporating the Leap Motion controller and the Oculus Rift. We’re are really excited to see where this will bring us, if you’re curious, please follow our Vimeo channel or Facebook page.

If you are interested in showing -FUSION- at a dance event, art exhibition or festival, drop us a line: androvisuals@gmail.com

Max Msp/Jitter was used used to create the entire visual engine and to manage the incoming data from Max for Live.

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