Generative Analog synth jam featuring Paia Fatman and AudioCubes Improvisor

Analog synth jam video featuring Paia Fatman connected via MIDI to Percussa AudioCubes via improvisor, free generative music software.

Improvisor is an application that was built in Max/MSP 5 and which uses the free external for Max/MSP, to communicate with audiocubes hardware. Read more about the external at

In the video, Improvisor generates notes which are sent via MIDI (focusrite saffire LE) to the analog fatman synth by Paia, a kit which I built years ago and how I got into building synths. The notes are generated based on patterns which are linked to the cubes. The pattern combinations can be changed by turning the cubes. Patterns add up and subtract depending on which cubes are next to which other cubes.

How did this project use Max?

Improvisor was built entirely in Max/MSP 5 and uses the free external for Percussa AudioCubes hardware.

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