Generative Music using Microtonic, Synplant and Improvisor

In this video, improvisor is used together with Sonic Charge’s Synplant and Microtonic instruments. Improvisor is a free generative music application created in Max/MSP 5, for percussa audiocubes. Download this free generative music software from Percussa’s website to recreate this project.

Improvisor is connected via virtual MIDI ports to Ableton Live, which hosts Synplant and Microtonic. In Improvisor, patterns have been set up for semitones and velocity, which add up or subtract as cubes are placed next to each other. Blue and purple cubes are linked to microtonic which provides drums, while the yellow cube is linked to synplant, which generates the synth bassline.

Learn more about generative music with microtonic and synplant on the percussa blog.

In this project, Improvisor is used, a software app for generative music that was developed in Max/MSP 5. The patch was built using the flext external for Percussa AudioCubes developed by Thomas Grill. Improvisor is a free download available from the Percussa website.

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