.gif Portraits

.gif Portraits is a formal(ish) portrait series I created to capture images of my friends and family and give them a .gif file that is uniquely theirs. The composition is meant to be a contemporary take on 60’s and 70’s high school portraits with a 3/4 profile combined with a secondary image in the upper right corner.

If you would like to receive a portrait and are based in NYC feel free to contact me using the contact info on my webpage. I am always open to portrait swaps with other artists.

The programming uses the following external code:

jit.gl.hap – Rob Ramirez
ab.hsflow.jxs – Andrew Benson
jit.openni – DiabloDale
cv.jit – Jean-Marc Pelletier

All portraits were developed in real-time using Max 6 and a Kinect camera.

The scan-line image in the upper right corner is an RGB image that is cycled through threshold values in cv.jit.binedge. The larger image is a depth based image that acts as a mask for the RGB camera. This RGB image is run through cv.jit.threshold and then overlaid with 3 plane noise that only shows up within the depth based image mask.

The subject sits completely still while screen capture software grabs the video and the video is converted into a .gif using Gimp.

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Dec 09 2013 | 10:47 am

nice work matt!

Dec 10 2013 | 7:49 am

Thanks Rob!

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