Grey Matter: Interference

Video artist Alex Nathanson’s interactive video project, titled Grey Matter, creates pop-up video environments for collaborations with live musicians. Based in computer programs the artist writes in Max/MSP/Jitter, the project takes sensor data from live performances and uses it to control video effects and stop-motion animations created specifically to interact with the program. The project explores interaction, repetition, and the relationship between growth and destruction. A haunting mannequin moving in rhythm with the music and a variety of surfaces degrading and being reconstituted, mixed with effects-laden live video of the musicians creates an immersive interactive environment, presented in spaces not generally used for this type of installation. This project is regularly performed with the drum ensemble Man Forever.

The entire performance program was created in Max/MSP/Jitter. All of the sensor data and audio are brought into Max in order to control the live video and animations, which are specifically designed to interact with the patch.

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