Handcrafted Ale (for beer and computer)

Handcrafted Ale
for beer and computer

Composer & performer: Eric Honour

After my family, my two great loves in the world are music technology and high-quality beer. As a home brewer, I delight in crafting unique, delicious beers. As a composer, audio engineer, and performer, I love exploring the intersections between music and technology. This work extends the sound world that exists around the enjoyment of a great beer through live granular and spectral audio processing in Max. For the aficionados, the beer in this video was a home-brewed Saison, around 7% ABV. The work can be performed with any craft brew: contact me if you’re interested in performing it! :)

How did this project use Max?

Live processing of audio inputs from a beer bottle and glass, using granular and spectral techniques in Max. Control of processing parameters via a QuNeo, mapped within Max.

Update: July 2014
The patch, instructions, and other materials needed to perform this work (Mac-only) are now available for free download from my site.

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